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NHS News - LETTER: 'Leave the EU - and SAVE THE NHS!'

Posted on 24/12/2018 by

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APPALLING: Leaving the EU is proving a tricky negotiation

I WONDER how many people are appalled by the proceedings to date, like me?

We have a PM running around like a headless chicken and trying to pass-off her so called 'deal', which is unacceptable.

She is actually prepared to fritter away £39 billion of our money to the EU in exchange for basically nothing!

For our money, they are proposing to give us less than we already have, while retaining a great deal of control over us. They would rush gleefully away with our money and would probably use it to bail out Greece and Italy.

This is not what the people voted for and the Tory MPs are wrong to continue their support for her. They should be representing the interests of the public. We have to call the EU bluff and walk away without a deal.

They would then be forced to negotiate with us to get what they want and that would put us in a much stronger position to get what we want.

You don't agree an expensive deal with someone who proposes to give you nothing in return!

The public did not vote for a deal, they voted to leave the EU and take back full control of their own affairs.

Theresa May is trying to force through her 'deal' because she believes it to be acceptable to the Tory party cronies who pour money into their cause. She has not for one moment carried out the wishes of the people.

In many ways, she is attempting to keep us in the EU.

David Cameron stated "The NHS is safe in our hands" and then he and his coalition partner Nick Clegg, promptly proceeded to greatly accelerate the rate of privatisation of the NHS.

This has now been going on apace ever since, it is being privatised right under our noses and kept quiet.

The £39 billion would be far better spent taking the NHS back into public ownership and thus save it the fortune it is being forced to spend on private contractors.

This is a matter that is dear to the hearts of the British public and they need to be aware of it.

The public voted to leave the EU and they want the NHS to be their property!