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Preferred Supplier List Opportunity

Preferred Supplier List Opportunity

At 4Recruitment Services we currently have a PSL (Preferred Supplier List) opportunity for organisations who can supply temporary workers across a number of healthcare disciplines such as the below:

  • Nursing and Midwifery personnel
  • Medical Locums (Doctors all grades)
  • Healthcare Assistants
  • Allied Health Professionals

This agreement can be used for the sourcing of all your temporary health vacancies and will run until 31/12/2016, it will be extended annually thereafter.


  • All suppliers will be required to supply disciplines through 4Recruitment Services under this agreement.  
  • NHS Standard compliant workers as outlined in the contract agreement.
  • All suppliers will be required to pass by-annual Audits.


  • Approved suppliers will be able to source large volumes of temporary healthcare vacancies nationwide.
  • Fixed agency fees will be provided.
  • A defined simplistic invoicing procedure.
  • Single point of contact for resolutions.
  • No charges to access the agreement.
  • Flexibility on direct engagement.


This agreement has been primarily developed to meet the needs of the NHS in England. However, NHS bodies in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, as well as all central government and wider public sector organisations can use the agreement.

To gain access to this opportunity register your interest in the form below.

Preferred Suppliers List Contact Details

Direct Dial: 0808 178 4445

Form ID:648


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