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For all emails sent to our staff, these will automatically be forwarded to our Response Team as some of our staff have been furloughed POSSIBLY INCLUDING YOUR USUAL CONTACT in accordance with the Government Job Retention Scheme.Please be advised that you will then shortly receive a response from your contact or someone from the Response Team who are still working as normal.Rest aasured that even during this difficult time, you will see no drop in quality of service and the 4RS team are still here to help you in any way we can.



Be part of a multi award winning agency of recruiters for Doctors

Our Doctors Teams continued success has enabled it to become a preferred framework approved agency for Doctors and Psychiatrists to a large number of Trusts and Private Sector procurement departments at national and regional levels. Following major revisions to how doctors operate within the NHS, there is a strong demand for the staffing of doctors within the UK. 

As a specialist in recruiting within the Health Sector. We have a dedicated Doctors Team, who have a wealth of experience in placing skilled and experienced candidates. We handle Psychiatrists and General Medicine Doctors from all grades and specialties for work ranging from a single shift to an extended post, with evening, weekend and on-call shifts also available. 

Our expertise has not gone unnoticed, our recognition amongst clients has helped us provide the most sought after positions for our candidates. We pride ourselves on the working relationships we build with our professionals. Providing a personal service is at the heart of 4Health Care, be that as a client or candidate. 

General Medicine Doctors 

Please call Marc Petengell on 0203 903 8195 or email him at

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