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Connected care on the rise in UK

Posted on 18/08/2017 by

Connected Care (1)

A report published by Philips has revealed that the use of connected technologies is on the rise in the UK.


The Future Health Index report shows that in the past 12 months, almost half of healthcare professionals (HCPs) have seen an increase in the use of connected care technologies by primary care doctors. More so, 38% have seen the technology being used more by other primary and secondary healthcare services.

The report goes on to say that the UK’s systems are better integrated and as a percentage of our GDP the country spends more on average on IT and connectivity and services in healthcare.

Connected care technologies are also being used more by the general public, with 31% having used them to monitor a health indicator in the past 12 months. Younger generations are leading the way when it comes to incorporating connected care technologies into their lifestyles. The report indicates that the NHS must acknowledge that this is the direction that the population is taking in regards to their health. Those over age 55 are also starting to use connected care technologies, with the report stating that 26% have used the technology.

The Future Health Index report highlights that the general public sees the value of digital technologies and 57% of those who have used connected care technology have shared their data with a HCP in the past 12 months.

Interestingly, 31% of those with a cardiovascular-related issue had a physician recommended tracking either blood pressure or heart rate as the first step in helping address the issue.

Neil Mesher, CEO at Philips UK and Ireland, said: “I’m optimistic that the Future Health Index findings can provide a boost to both the NHS and our patient population – knowing the UK healthcare system is better integrated than we give it credit for, and both patients and HCPs feel positive about the benefits offered by connected care technologies. Connected care represents a real and very present solution for some of the challenges the healthcare system faces. Leveraging technological innovations not only has the ability to empower people to manage their health and stay out of the hospital, but to deliver effective treatment plans and ease the burden on medical staff by balancing the partnership between doctors and patients.”

“These are very positive signs – looking forward, it would be great to see more exchange of data between patients and healthcare professionals, particularly given the consumerisation of healthcare and the uptake of medical grade apps  so that the user of the healthcare system – the patient – enjoys full integration and, ultimately, empowerment.” Mesher continued.

Source: Med-TechNews