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Health and fitness tips for business owners

Posted on 31/08/2017 by

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The stress of owning a business can lead owners to poor physical health. Long hours, relentless pressure, and a lack of rest take their toll on any entrepreneur. If you have found yourself slipping into a spiral of ill-health, here are ten fitness and nutrition tips you can use to get your physical condition back into shape.

1 Keep your scheduled appointments

When you have committed to a training program, keep your appointments with your trainer. Whether you show up or not, they will still charge you, so why not make the most of your money rather than throw it away. Just show up, it’s an entrepreneurial rule that has made you successful in business and can do the same for your health. Work with a professional trainer; a bad one could land you with an injury and a visit to the local offices of Seattle Malpractice Lawyers.

2 Go hard and then go home

Unlike the world of business, the gym does not require you to spend countless hours there to obtain your goals. Get in, do your work and then leave. Your workouts should be short and efficient, anything over 45 minutes probably isn’t doing you any real benefit.

3 Enjoy the moment

Exercising will not take away from your working day, in fact, it will make you more productive. A short, intense workout can boost your oxygen consumption for up to four hours after your workout has finished. This effect ramps up your metabolism increase your cognitive capacity and improve your levels of energy throughout the day. So relax, and enjoy the time you spend working out.

4 Change it up

Make sure to mix up your methods of training regularly. By changing it up every six weeks, you will not get bored with any exercise and your body will re-adapt to new stresses, continuing its progress to fitness and a lean physique.

5 It’s all about you

The best way to ensure that you continue with your workout program is to make sure that it’s something you enjoy. Not everyone wants to get into the gym to train. Maybe you are an outdoors person? Take up running, swimming, or even something like surfing to keep you fit and healthy. The point is to do some regular activity that you enjoy. 

6 Breakfast is important

It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason. Breakfast helps your metabolism function properly, improving your energy and clarity of thinking throughout the day.

7 Prepare your meals

Eating well is as important as training. Prepare your meals well in advance and stick to raw foods like vegetables and fruit wherever you can.

8 Stop eating garbage

Fast foods and refined carb products like energy drinksand candy will ruin your health. These foods create inflammation in your GI tract and are responsible for a slew of negative health conditions and disease, eliminate them from your diet completely.

9 Know your number

It’s not just what you eat, but how much of it you eat as well. Know how many calories you need to eat in a day and don’t go over that number. If you have trouble in calculating your number, visit a nutritionist and have them do the work for you.

10 The 90/10 rule

The chances are that life will get in the way of your nutrition and training plans. That’s ok, stick to the 90/10 rule. As long as you are eating well 90 percent of the time and making it to 90 per cent of your workouts, then you are assured of progress.

Wrapping up

Being healthy is not as challenging as it sounds. As a business person, you are faced with challenges every day and manage to overcome them. It’s time to take control of your health and attack it with the same fever as your business interests. Follow these simple steps and log your progress.

Source: LondonLovesBusiness