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5 Tips To Stay Healthy Even During Working Hours

Posted on 14/09/2017 by

Man Stretchign At Work

A recent study revealed that sitting in office for longer hours without any kind of physical activity may affect your health drastically. 

This holds true for people who have desk jobs. According to the study it was mentioned that if adults sit for more than 2 hours at a stretch without any stretching or physical activity, they can be at a higher risk of dying early. So if you have a job that demands you to be at one place for prolonged hours, then it is high time you bring about small changes to your lifestyle during work hours. And if you are wondering how you can manage to stay healthy during work hours, here are 5 tips that you need to follow. These easy to do tips are all you need to ensure that even when you are working, you are practicing healthy habits. Check out these tips!

Take breaks in between to stand and sit down

However demanding your job is, just take out some time to stand and sit down over and over again for 45 seconds or more. This can help your muscles to relax and not stiffen. Stand, sit down, stand again and sit- repeat this for some seconds and do it daily.

Whenever possible, do stretching

Stretching is helpful for the body to loosen up and the muscles to relax. It will keep your muscles flexible and strong. No stretching can also put you at a risk of muscle pains or joint pains.Hence make sure you stretch often in between your work.

Take the stairs and ditch the lift

When going to work, if your office is anywhere on the 5th to 8th floor, you can easily take the stairs. You might find it difficult initially, but with time your body will get used to it. The best thing to do is to take the stairs while going up. It will give much needed exercise to your legs.

Walk whenever possible

If you want to talk to your colleague, avoid pinging on Hangouts or sending out emails, just walk up to the colleague and talk. Don’t let the staff fill your water bottle, instead walk to the canteen, fill your bottle and walk back. These small walks will make a huge difference to your physical health.

Follow a healthy diet

It is very much possible to follow a healthy diet in office. Whenever you feel hungry, instead of eating oily snacks, just eat some fruits or dry fruits like almonds to keep you refreshed and energized throughout the day.

Follow these 5 tips daily and your physical health will improve with time. So the next time don’t give excuses of having no time, when you can make the most of your time in office and practice these small but important physical activities.