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8 Tips To Stop Falling Prey To Sickness

Posted on 20/10/2017 by


Say goodbye to your doctor visits with this healthy regime.

A woman who is juggling home, work and kids is a superwoman. However, even a superwoman is prone to sickness, if she doesn’t take care of herself. Usually, we ignore ourselves while everything else takes priority. Many of us choose to ignore the occasional pain in our body only to realize the importance of going to the doctor later. So, if you have been constantly feeling lethargic or fall sick often; but are still contemplating about what is to be done – here is a handy list for you that can help you get your MOJO back –

1. Get your Yearly Body Checkup

A woman, who is above 30, is usually recommended to get a full body check up done once in a year. We may seem absolutely fine from outside, but may not be aware of the deficiencies creeping inside.

2. Take up Any Form of Workout
If you can join a gym nearby, that will be wonderful; but in case, you cannot, you must workout at home. Online streaming apps like YouTube have some great at-home videos that can be followed without any professional assistance.

3. Start Eating Clean
Avoid Junk - eating outside, sugar-laden or oily food. Take care of the oil you use and its quantity while cooking food at home. Eat loads of green vegetables, fruits, and salads. Sip on soups and juices. Have one vegetable and atleast two fruits daily.

4. Sleep
Catch up on your sleep. An adult woman needs up to 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to feel healthy and stay fresh. Change your routine to give priority to this.

5. Ask for Help
Enough of being a superwoman. Ask someone for help, let them know it’s getting hard to manage things and your health is taking a toll. May be your husband, mother or mother in law can chip in and share some load off you.

6. Let Go Off the Stress
This is easier said than done, none the less, has to be done. Find a hobby, listen to your favorite music, take a stroll in the park, plant flowers – do something out of the ordinary to let go off the stress that’s taking a toll on your well being.

7. Nutrition
Take care of your nutritional needs. Ensure you take your multivitamins every day without fail. This is important for your hair, nails, body and skin as well as your energy levels. 

8. Stay Hydrated
Drink at least 2-3 Liters of water along with lemon water, buttermilk, milkshakes, fruit infusions, detoxifying elixirs, coconut water, etc, everyday to stay in pink of your health.

Source: News18