It has been a momentous month for healthcare deals between the UK and China, with the announcement of numerous collaborations by UK companies in healthcare and life sciences with their Chinese partners.

Over £500 million of healthcare and life science deals were signed in the visit by the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for International Trade.

The deals signify the closer working between the UK and China to develop faster, safer and more effective diagnostics, therapeutics and healthcare services.

Future of Medicine signings

In a speech delivered to leading Chinese healthcare companies, the Secretary of State said:

Advances in medicine and technology are opening up new opportunities to manage and cure disease. Today accelerated access programs bring novel therapies to patients faster than ever before.

New technologies and advancements cannot be developed in isolation though. To successfully help a population they need to be integrated into the infrastructure of a country’s healthcare system. This is an exciting challenge facing both the UK and China, tackled through greater collaboration during this golden era.”

Source: openaccessgovernment