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Government launches a review of children in need

Posted on 19/03/2018 by


Social workers and others working with children in need called to give evidence on what makes a difference to educational outcomes

The government is consulting on how the educational outcomes for children in need can be improved.

Launched last week, the call for evidence seeks the opinions of social workers and others working with children in need on what makes a difference to their educational outcomes, and what could work in practice to improve them.

The review comes as research shows children in need are three times more likely to have special educational needs than their peers.

The analysis said it was the first time “how far children in need fall behind their peers in the early years” had been evidenced, and that the gap “widens throughout school and beyond”.

‘Strong evidence base’

The Department for Education said the purpose of the review is to develop a “strong evidence base, going beyond the data to look at what is happening in practice”.

“At different stages in a child’s life, or when requiring different levels of statutory social care support, children’s needs will require a different response. At each of these stages, a child may work with a variety of professionals who offer support to a child and to their family, to improve a child’s circumstances,” it said.

The department is interested in collecting evidence for:

  • how support  is delivered or commissioned to help children;
  • how this support is measured and evaluated; and
  • how it will influence educational outcomes.

The consultation closes on 1 June 2018.

Source: CommuintyCare