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DOCS GO BACK ON ADVICE: We bust health myths and reveal what you REALLY need to do to feel better

Posted on 17/04/2018 by

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We take a look at common ailments and popular wisdoms to see how medical advice has changed over time

THE medical advice you receive might be more out of date than you realise.

Last month, experts revealed that rest and painkillers are no longer considered the best treatments for back pain.

LAURA STOTT looks at other common ailments and popular wisdoms to see how medical advice has changed over time.


ADVICE THEN: Rest if you have backache.

ADVICE NOW: Sore spines are a recurring condition for a third of sufferers.

But experts have dismissed the idea you should put your feet up and rest.

Medical bible The Lancet now suggests the opposite is true and the best way to beat back pain is to stay active and keep moving.


THEN: You can catch a cold by going out with wet hair.

NOW: Cold and flu bugs are caused by viruses, which you can’t catch without exposure to lurking germs.

While going outside in freezing temperatures with sopping hair will probably make you feel chilly, experts believe it won’t make you any more vulnerable to these viruses.


THEN: Eating late can make you gain weight.

NOW: Diet plans often claim calories consumed after 6pm are a sure-fire way to pile on the pounds.

But it is now thought the overall amount eaten daily has more impact on your waistline than when you eat.

A healthy, balanced diet and exercising sensible portion control is the best way to avoid weight gain.


THEN: Cracking your joints cause arthritis.

NOW: There is no proof that clicking, cracking and crunching noises from knuckles, ankles, knees and shoulders means joint health is deteriorating.

The noises are caused by gas bubbles in joint fluid being released by movement.

Unless there is pain or swelling, it is probably harmless.


THEN: Eating chocolate gives you spots.

NOW: Skin experts now agree that individual foods, such as chocolate, do not directly cause acne.

While scoffing Dairy Milk isn’t solely responsible for breakouts, dermatologists admit a balanced, low-sugar diet is key for a clear complexion.


THEN: Feed a cold and starve a fever.

NOW: Starving yourself and limiting food intake won’t help your body fight off the flu.

For both bugs, staying hydrated and consuming nutritious foods is crucial for getting better.

Source: TheSun