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Social Services Need to Improve

Posted on 9/04/2018 by


Let’s get something straight. Social services need to stop meddling where they’re not needed.

My blended family is getting pretty sick of Social Services interfering where they’re not required. I have an adult step daughter, who has an equally difficult boyfriend. The pair of them are as bad as each other. She winds him up, he winds her up, they have a shouting match, slam doors and 10 minutes later it’s all kisses and cuddles.

The pair of them are all mouth and no action, they’re not a danger to each other. This is what adults do. We bicker, argue, shout and scream, then once the steams let off and the air is cleared, we kiss and make up and go back to making dinner and calling each other playful nicknames.

So for social services to have homed in on a neighbours say so over the most trivial of matters is not only heavy handed, but is border lining criminal.

The idiotic do gooding bimbo that is meant to be the social worker met her match however with my partner, who systematically ripped every argument she had to shreds. So what stepdaughter and her on/off boyfriend were seen in the same town, on the same day, at the same time. Is it a crime to go shopping? Or to meet up with someone in a neutral place to try and sort things out? In my book, that’s a very grown up thing to do.

We have kids up and down the UK being groomed by gangs of men who pass them round like a used tissue. We have gangs using children to push drugs. We have people smugglers bringing in child brides to be used by depraved men. THESE are the children that should have social services and social workers on their cases. Not a pair of hot headed 20 something’s that have too much to say to each other and who deliberately wind each other up.

But no, the serious cases would be too much like hard work and no one wants to get involved with a 13 year old girl that’s been passed around every man from Rochdale to Bradford and back again. Or the feral little brats that are plaguing town centres because their own parents can’t be arsed to get out of their PJs, and instead smoke like chimneys, drink like fish and think they’re a celeb for appearing on Jeremy Kyle to have a paternity test on their child because there are 20 potential fathers, all from the same night and in the toilets of the same night club.

No, instead, the government set targets, and social services are homing in on the easiest jobs so they can make up the statistics to ensure funding for next year. Instead of doing what they should be doing (protecting those who ar most in need), they’re sticking noses in where they aren’t needed, and burying their heads in the sand, completely ignoring the elephant in the room.

Source: DemocratLive