Entitled the ‘Carers Action Plan 2018 to 2020', the scheme involves a £500,000 worth of funding for social care innovation and includes employment support for carers

It also promotes best practice for flexible working so that carers can continue to work alongside their role as carers, while the carer Innovations Fund will be used to fund the identification of young carers and better access to support. Read the full report here.

10% of adults

According to 2011 Census data, one-in-10 adults in the UK today are carers. ‘The role can come about unexpectedly and many will put their own lives on hold to help someone close to them,' the Carers Action Plan 2018 to 2020 reads. ‘While for most carers the experience of looking after someone close is rewarding and undoubtedly has an immeasurable impact on the people they care for, the hours can be long and their work is hard. Caring can take a toll on the carer's own health, relationships and finances.'


Raman Sankaran, chief commercial cfficer - Growth & Innovation at Simplyhealth said: "We welcome the Government's recognition in its Carers Action Plan today of the difficulties many carers face when juggling work with caring responsibilities.

"Promoting flexible working practices not only helps safeguard the health and wellbeing of carers, but also helps the performance of the business," he said. "Raising awareness of carers' needs with employers is crucial to ensuring the introduction of working practices that will help carers secure, remain in and progress in work."

Source: CoverMagazine