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For all emails sent to our staff, these will automatically be forwarded to our Response Team as some of our staff have been furloughed POSSIBLY INCLUDING YOUR USUAL CONTACT in accordance with the Government Job Retention Scheme.Please be advised that you will then shortly receive a response from your contact or someone from the Response Team who are still working as normal.Rest aasured that even during this difficult time, you will see no drop in quality of service and the 4RS team are still here to help you in any way we can.


  • Media Relations Officer - Hull

    Media Relations Officer – Hull Salary: £ 15.33ph Full-Time (37 hours) Job Purpose: To create, plan, manage and implement PR/media strategies and projects in order to promote and influence a positive image and reputation of the Council amongst all key audiences and stakeholders. To provide professional and effective PR/media relations support, advice and guidance to key decision makers, including chief officers, the Cabinet, other senior members and officers, and partners where appropriate To build relationships with the media and communicate the Council’s role, vision, priorities and services to ensure positive and balanced coverage in local, regional, national and specialist media. Accountabilities: Formulates and manages media and public relations plans to deliver the Authority’s media and communications strategies. Manages relationships with local, regional, national and specialist media to ensure positive and balanced coverage of issues im...

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    £15.33 - 15.33 per hour
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